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Everything you know is wrong: A Twewy fic including nekuxshiki

Ch. 1

1:15 A.M.

I received a mysterious email and the subject line read “Everything you know is a lie.” I opened the email and read further: “Act calm as to not alert anyone, but everyone around you is not who they say they are. You need to quietly get out of there and meet me at the spot where we had our first kiss. You know our favorite spot. My name is Shiki.”

Present time

I quietly get up from my desk and make sure to log out from my email and then close out of Chrome to shut off my computer. I walk out of the room creeping along the wall towards the stairs and I already reach my first obstacle. My parents are both asleep in their room with the family dog sleeping at their heels snoozing along to their own rhythmic sleeping. I try to creep along silently going step by step since their room is at the base of the top of the stairs. I make it three quarters of the way to the foot of the steps when I forget the creaky floorboard in our old farmhouse that had not been fixed due to lack of our economic status. The creek resounded through the house and I fearfully look towards the open door and hear in time the loud snoring that escapes from my dad almost every night successfully cover up the sound. The dog though stirs in his slumber due to more acute senses and props his head up and stares directly at me. The hallway light is on and the Siberian husky silently gets up and lumbers over towards me without barking and looks up at me pleadingly.

"No Dru! Go back to bed." I scold the loyal dog.

He can sense something is wrong and leans against me and whimpers at a low tone alerting me that he's not taking no for an answer.

*Sigh* "Ok, I guess you can come along, Dru. Just make sure to keep quiet." I sigh

Excitedly, Dru lights up and barks loudly.

I freak out and look slowly towards my parents room and see them snoring slowly.

I shush him and motion for him to follow, and we creep down the stairs quietly as possible with his tail wagging happily. We make it to the darkened sunroom and can see clearly outside how dark it is outside. I sense this and quietly turn on the kitchen light. I grab my iPhone 5c wallet with 4g lte and a flashlight and a  fully charged flashlight that is hiding under the table. I slip on my purple jacket with a hood on the back and   zip up my zipper. I see my dog's spike collar, which seems to have been left out for a reason, gets bumped off the table, and I walk up and it seems imposing so I put around Dru's neck. It fits perfectly with a small click. I can't think that this will be taking a terribly long time, so I gather my phone and flashlight with a heavy heart and leave out the front door. Dru lumbers behind me as I silently close the front door and run from the house with him close in tow.


*Static* (The tuning of a radio can be heard) "Hey, yeah it's me. Yeah, he's left for the spot. She has contacted him just like we predicted."

*Figure stirring next to the other in their bed* "Dear... who are you talking to?"

"No one, dear. Go back to bed."

*Smirks to self and falls back asleep*

...Back to the action...

Running through the night a lone figure with man's best friend trot along to the statue of the town's dog mascot. While they are running, I silently think to myself of the first time that I had been here with a certain girl that had not even thought to give me a second glance. I had been so naive that day by taking her out there after school with knees shaking and baited breath, to ask if she would go steady with me. She had not even heard me the first time I asked so I had to swallow a nasty retort and hastily repeat myself so as to not get rid of this chance that had presented itself to me. She looks at me as I had a second head growing out of my body and starts walking around nervously as if she had to think deeply about the current situation at hand.

"Look kid, I like you, and you are a true friend to me, but honestly you would never understand why I am here and why I can not be steady with you. There is one memory that I can use for a later date that you had better remember or you will be in trouble."

And with a wink and a peck on the cheek the girl ran off to a fair distance away before he could have a say or anything. The boy looked after the girl that he adored with a heavy sigh and ran off not wanting to make the scene worse for his embarrassment.  With a heavy tear in his eye, the kid runs off to play with his one true friend his dog.

*Back to the present*

Running just ahead of the boy, Dru had gotten to the statue first since he had been walked by there so often that he recognized his territory's scent. The boy then gets to the statue in time as the clock strikes 1:30 in the morning. As soon as the boy gets there his cell phone buzzes with a text message from his cell phone from an unknown number that says, "Look under the dog's paw." The boy reaches under the statue's front paw and without notice, accidentally presses a button and a loud shriek starts to echo from the dog's mouth.

The boy tries to cover his ears but the sound has a piercing shriek to it that is not easily covered up and he blacks out from the noise. Meanwhile, the dog tries to wake up his owner by rubbing his snout against his face but that is not enough and eventually the sound is too much to handle for the dog and the dog also blacks out with the world going fuzzy as a couple shadowy figures creep up on the pair and whisk them away to another land...

Ch. 2 The Fear of Isolation

Neku's perspective

I wake up in a dark dank cell shrouded mainly in darkness except for a small red light being given off from the cell bars. I look around the small cell and see none of the necessities besides a rat hole that seems to have been used in the past but was partially covered by cobwebs at this point. There was a small whining that was coming from the rat hole that seemed to be coming from the adjacent cell that sounds like my dog in pain.

"DRU! Is that you, boy?" I shout into the darkness.

*Whining can be heard through the hole*

"I'm coming boy. I'll get you out of there, as soon as I get out of here." I said at a depressed tone.

I get up too quickly and my vision goes dim for a second and I fear that I will collapse again, but lean my hand on the wall to stable myself to stay awake. I stay there for a few seconds not sure what will happen once I take my hand off very slowly and realize that there is enough to be stable to stand on my own power. I see that there are small figures outside my cell that seem to be standing guard over me and another two that are guarding Dru's cell. They appear to be lupine in nature and very keen on their feet.

It seems I'm not going anywhere anytime soon, so I decide to get a better look at my surroundings in the cell. From what I can tell from the scant amount of light in the building, the floor is made of solid stone and there are only a few cracks in the foundation, but nothing substantial. The walls are even more enforced and look to be really solid.

*sigh* "Looks like we are spending the night here, boy. I'll get us out of here in the morning and we will find Shiki out there to explain what has been happening here." I say as I fall asleep.

Later that night...


I woke up and quickly check my surroundings to make sure that I am alright and I can hear that my dog was still fine and he seemed to have finally fallen asleep. I was temporarily relieved that my dog was fine, but then I see that the guards dash off at a faster speed than what should not have been physically possible for the guards even though they were all on all fours. A second later, I see one of the four guards get flung back while getting punched and sent in the air by a flying pig! The three who were left had dashed after their friend and the pig past my cell again. It's at that time that the girl I had pined after for all these years was standing at the cell door.

"Let's get you out of there, eh?" Shiki smiled at me.

She flashed the keys with style and opened my cell door. I jump up and run to embrace her. She is surprised at the embrace and awkwardly returns it before shoving me away and quickly turns the subject to the matter at hand.

"First lets get poor Dru out of his cell!" I move quickly with the keys and open the door and my dog whimpers, but sees that it is me and runs up to lean against me warmly. He then hears the noise in the distance and runs off barking to help the flying pig. We chase as fast we can to help Dru and Shiki's pig that are surrounded.

Ch. 3 The fear of togetherness

Lining up with Shiki, ready to fight, I see my dog biting one of the guards that had been on his cell that had been there for all night. I had not taken long enough to look at the lupine guards to realize how wolf-like they looked.


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