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Pierce Wolfe

Preferred Name: Pierce

Sex/Gender: Male

Age: 30

Species: Werewolf

Sub-Species: Half-German

Height: 6 ft 0 inches

Weight: 225 lbs

Date Of Birth: 1/15/83

Place Of Birth: Munich, Germany

Occupation: Farmer

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Relationship Status: Complicated

Children/Offspring: T. B. A.

Accent Of Voice: Refined German accent

Voice Pitch: Smooth

Blood Type: O-

Description Of Appearance: Blonde hair, Blood red Eyes, White skin tone, Stands with a slight stoop in his back, Retro punk attire, Dog ears

Best Feature(s): The lithe body frame

Scars/Birth Marks/Tattoos: Mark of the Wolf: The curse that was put on my character by an insane old wizard that he thanked him by killing the mad wizard. The mark appears on his right forearm.

Abilities/powers: Ability to transform without a full moon. More powerful on a full moon night. Increased heart rate which allows for quicker healing of wounds recieved. Mark of the Hunt: able to smell a blood trail for up to two miles away.

Likes: Other werewolves, Other Werecreaturs, Liquor, Rock music, Retro punk

Dislikes: Vampires, wizards, witches, heavy metal music, country music

Strengths: The pack, Dogs, other werewolves, the forest, the moonlit night

Weaknesses: The city, Cats, Lions, Vampires, Chimeras

Personality: Pierce Wolfe is a farmer's son raised on a German farm all his life that goes on the hunt every full moon to slake his wild side's thirst. He has encountered a few other werecreatures, but would only seriously consider another werewolf. He goes for long runs in the forest, because as a result of the curse he is ore in tune with his more base instincts. He is a loner, but reacts to people that treat him like a normal person.  

Weapons/Special Belongings: Native American Necklace with wolf tooth, Claws, Journal of his hunting experiences

Bio/History: Born into a simple farming community, Pierce wolfe grew up as a normal child until the age of 13. On the fateful night of his thirteenth birthday, he had become a man that night by killing his first cow at another farm. He knew he would be late if he did not cut through the forest that ran between his house and the farm where he was then. He slipped through the forest trying to not to make a commotion, when he ran into a forest clearing where there was an old man whispering to himself. He walked up to the man to see if something was wrong with him, and when he touched the old man on the shoulder, the old man finished his incantation and a spark of light shot from his hand and hit Pierce squarely in the chest. Pierce began to twitch on the ground uncontrollably until he started to grow hair all over his heightened form. He saw himself in the water of a nearby pond and was scared to see the face of a wolf standing there and looking back at him in the water. He then felt an uncontrollable hunger well up from inside of himself and then attacked the deranged old man. The old man, as his neck caved in from being bitten, whispered to himself, "Success!!..."

Pierce dragged the dead wizard's body into a ditch as to hide from any witnesses. He ran to his house to see if his parents and little brother were alright, but to his surprise saw no trace of any of his family anywhere on the farm. His only clue was a poster he found on the barn door that said, "Death to all who go against Merlin". That was when Pierce realized that the wizard that he had killed was none other than Merlin, Court Wizard to the king of Camelot. 

Just then a knight in full armor saw the monstrosity that had invaded and killed the residents of this farm. Kicking his horse in the sides, the knight yelled his battlecry to alert his adversary that he was no longer the only one inhabiting the farm. Pierce lets out a growl to try to talk to the knight and all that comes out is the yelp of a frightened dog.

The knight swings his sword and cuts a red line across the chest of Pierce. Peirce lets out his claws and uselessly tries to rake his claws across the throat of the knight to no avail. The knight recoils and backhands the werewolf and the werewolf goes down to the ground, knocked out cold. The knight ties the werewolf to the back of his horse and rides off into the dark knight...

Deep from within the castle interior, in the castle dungeon where he had been callously tossed by the knight, Pierce reverts to his human form, wounded and knocking at death's door step. "Where am I?" The first thought that rises out of his head. He looks to his left and sees a rotting bucket that seems half filled with excrement from past visitors to the cell and looking to his right sees a concrete wall with a hole with multiple bars in it. He then reaches an epiphany, "I'm in prison!" After this thought, it seems to have been too much of a shock for his tired thought and he drifts off into unconsciousness until the next morning on when he is slapped across the face by his captor from the night prior...

"How are you this fine morning, Werewolf? It seems like a nice day for dogs to be hung out to DRY... Haha, don't you agree?" The knight remarks casually.

"Who are you? The last thing I remember was that I was at my farm and I then blacked out. What is a werewolf?" Pierce remarks cautiously aware of his situation.

"In one word, YOU! By day, human guise, by night, monster wolf. That is a werewolf, but don't worry you won't be alive long enogh to ponder your cursed existence, since you'll be hanging by the morrows' rising." The knight laughed to himself as he leaves the cell. 

"I'm confused, please help me, I've been framed or something! Don't do this! I am no monster, I am only 13 years old!" The last thought that passes the boys mind is vengeance for this crime...

The day passes and fades into night...

The spirit of the wolf rises up in the eyes of Pierce and siezes him, turning them into the blood drenched eyes of a primal killer...

As all remnants of Pierce Wolfe the human pass, the primal form of the wolf rises from his measly frame to be encompassed in his dingy foreign surroundings. Going down on all fours, sniffing around to see if there was any semblance of escape in the form of cracks large enough to squeeze through or to dig in soft ground. 

After searching through the rubble that was strewn about in his cell, the wolf comes across a forgotten skeleton key that had been calously thrown in the cell by an absent minded guard who had tired of the dullness of his position and decided to leave the kingdom the week prior. The guard made it halfway through the exit of the castle until being untimely shot in the back with an arrow from a fellow guard. 

Back in his cell, the wolf stands on his hind legs and reaches his hands through the narrow bars to unlock the cell door with the decayed skeleton key. As the door creeps slowly open, making much more noise than intended, the screeching sound echoing up to the guard's chambers, alerting three of the guards to attention. As they grab their swords and shields, the wolf lumbers out of his cell and runs up the stairs just as the guards stumble down the stairs, still half asleep from being woken up in the dead of night. 

One of the guards takes a swing at the werewolf only to have the wolf counters with a slash strong enough to cleave the guard's sword in two with the guard also getting a claw to the face, and the other two guards fall in a similar fasion with the staircase getting drenched in blood from the guards.

The wolf continues up the stairs only to meet the menacing gaze of the black knight that had previously incarcerated him...

The wolf in his blood lust does not recognize his opponent and the formidable might that he possesses in his black reaches. The wolf going just by instinct attacks the ready knight getting easily sidestepped by the knight and goes down in a heap, followed by the knights sword arcing towards his furry midriff. The wolf rolls out of the way just in time with getting away with a knick in its arm while at that time rolling backwards to let a moments breadth pass between them. The wolf parts his claws and looks up his arm at the gash that is starting to scar up underneath the reddened fur. The wolf's fight or flight instinct had tried the first so now it seems to try for the second. The flight of stairs that the combatants are standing on  is very narrow but a sight gap to freedom is enough for the wolf to run towards. 

Taking off on all fours the wolf performs an inhuman leap over the black knight much to his chagrin and using his helmet as a springboard to jump from knocking the knight down, but keeps dashing up the stairs still listening to his second instinct of flight. Reaching the top of the stairs the wolf catches a faint scent of the outdoors and of the more unappealing scent of steel. The knights approaching from a corridor to the left of Pierce form a semicircle consisting of the knights divisible by 10. The wolf doesn't take a moment to process their actions and barrels right over them seeing the clear straight path in front of him. He runs with the knights left standing chasing after him in tow. He reaches a intersecting four paths of a hall and takes a second to assess his next turn due to easily distancing the lumbering knights. With the five knights in tow the wolf turns left following the scent of the forest and familiarity. 

Dashing towards freedom the werewolf on all fours sees a shadow cover his escape in the doorway. In the doorway stands a familiar face. The wolf thinks that at first it is the wizard who put his original curse on him, since the similar facial structure of the wizard is so familiar but the hair color is wrong and the smell is off. Out for revenge, the wizard's apprentice summons his power and materializes silver spears aimed at the fast encroaching werewolf who killed his father. The werewolf sensing danger and the smell of silver that burns his nostrils knowing that it is deadly to lupines. The werewolf as the spears are spiraling towards him leaps into the air and starts spinning in circles fast enough to create wind spirals around his body. The silver daggers get sucked into the whirlwind and come within mere centimeters of the wolf and instead fly past him and impale the knights killing all of them that were chasing him while he flies forward and crashes into the wizard. The wizard gets caught in the upper portion of his body and gets caught in mid spell cast of a ward, backfiring on him and blowing inward the shield that should have protected him harmed him and prevents him being protected for the jaws that close on his throat. The werewolf lands on top, gives a fleeting glance on his enemy and their domain and runs into familiarity.

All that remains in the wolf's head now is the smell of pine needles and the scent of Prey...

Werewolf Dating by howtobeast101


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